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Do you take custom orders?

Yes! Custom orders are what it all started as. I'd love to make your ideas come to life! The best way to go about getting a custom order done is to contact me on Instagram or Facebook in a DM. Most products can be customized, there are some exceptions though. 

How fast will my custom order be completed? 

I try my best to get all orders (custom or not) shipped out or delivered ASAP. For customs or pre-orders there may be a slight delay due to supplies arriving (ex. T-shirts, cups, ect. in the size/colour you order) I will always keep you updated on the approximate time frame we are looking at! If you have a deadline for the order definitely let me know and I will try my best to accommodate it!

Is there free stickers in every order?

Yes! Free stickers are included in every order, they are chosen at random but I do try to match them to the theme of your order. 

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